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September 14, 2011
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September 22, 2011
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Did you wake up Wednesday morning to find a new Facebook?  Many were looking at their home feed this morning as most of us do without a cup of coffee or anything.   Did you shudder, did you gasp, did you freak out?  I pictured Jon Stewart screaming NOOOOOOO as he looks up at a camera on the ceiling of the studio!  LOL   Most of you felt like this image describes. 

If facebook changes messed up your day learn how to move around them

So we pulled together a list of our favorite things that changed and how to adapt to the new Facebook!  Mr Zuckerberg a bit more warning would be great!  In a few weeks we won’t remember how the old Facebook was. 

1. All in one NEWS FEED combines Top Stories and Most Recent.

They ditched the old Two-Option News Feed, which made you choose either Top Stories (popular stuff in order of popularity) or Most Recent (chronological order).

first change facebook made today

Now you have a single news feed which shows you the Top News at the top, and Most Recent below.  Those items listed are all of the top photos and statuses posted while you’ve been gone. They are marked with an easy-to-spot blue corner. (note to Google: Please made the ad salmon area as noticeable.)

Change number 1 that facebook made the second image

Also you will notice photos will also be bigger and easier to view without having to click on them.  This is good and bad.  Easier to view (positive for viewer), they won’t click on them (negative for the poster, because they won’t know if friends are looking at them.)

image of how an image looks now that facebook made changes






 2. Introducing the Subscribe Button

the 4th change facebook madeThe Subscribe button allows you to set how much you want to hear from your Facebook friends.  Here is the kicker now you can subscribe to someone even if you aren’t friends with them (stalker!).  They can only see the posts you set to public. Those you are already friends with, the Subscribed button, you adjust how much you can see from them:

  • All updates: Everything your friend posts
  • Most updates: A medium amount of posts
  • Important updates only: Just highlights, like a new job or move

You can also decide what types of updates you see. For example, you could see just photos from one friend, no stories about games from another, and nothing at all from someone else.  You set it by visiting the person’s profile and hovering over the Subscribe button.

Do you wonder how exactly Facebook is going to decide life events?  “Mr. Zuckerberg don’t be peaking in my windows (7 that is)!”

So here is the skinny, by default, all of your friends have been set to “Most Updates” which covers the majority of what you’re interested in.  So you can just adjust the friends whom you want All Posts or the Only Important posts. 

3.  The New Friend Button with Smart Lists

Now whenever you friend someone – or if you hover over the Friend Button on their profile – you have new options that weren’t there before.  First you can set someone as a “Close Friend” or only an “Acquaintance.” The first automatically sets their Subscription button to “All Posts” and “Acquaintance” are automatically set to “Only Important.”

showing another change facebook madeI can see myself being moved to the acquaintance list by many of you!  I hope I still get a Christmas card this year?  Also, Facebook has anticipated that the hardest part of Friends List (their term for Google+ Circles) is that you have to manage these lists. So they created smart lists that manage themselves and keep up-to-date based on your combined profile information like your work, school, family and city.

Facebook analyzes your work history, school, family and location to determine who will be added to your Smart List.

 the changes to friends lists that facebook made

You will also see the Friend and Subscribe buttons also work when you mouse over their profile picture or name.


4. Check out the Ticker!

The ticker is a live-feed area located in the upper right corner of the screen and gives you a running play-by-play of what is happening literally right now.   Click on anything in ticker to expand it and see the full story and chime in – without losing your place.  You might find this distracting at first.  I actually like it.   As with all these changes once you are used to them you will forget how it used to be.   As someone mentioned yesterday:  You can now Facebook while you Facebook on Facebook!  (I just wasn’t getting enough the old way)

showing how the facebook ticker works

 5. Accessing YOU as you just got easier

In the upper right it used to say HOME, PROFILE and ACCOUNT.   That is so yesterday!  Now Instead of Profile, you now have a micro version of your avatar and your name or the name of the user you’re logged in as.   This will make it easier when you’re using Facebook as a Fan Page.  Also, the “Account” link has been replaced by a down arrow so you can access all your account, privacy and logout settings.

accessing your profile and account is simple now






Here are several of the smaller updates Facebook is rolling out:

6.  You no longer need 25 likes on a business page in order to grab a custom URL (SWEET!)

7.  Posts or comments in another language cause the appearance of the “translate” button.

8.  Posts that have been shared will now include a link you can follow to see who has shared them. (Let’s track it back!)

9.  When searching for new friends under the see all section a hover over their name gives you a mini profile including up to 5 mutual friends (nice!)

10.  To the right when they suggest the 2 people you might know, if you click on the mutual friend link Fb pops a list of those mutual friends without leaving the page.  (super nice)

11. Birthdays and events are easy to check on the upper right. Big thing is now they are remembering which people you said happy birthday to today.  (Love that part) …One of these days Steve will stop poking me (and I’ll miss it) LOL

example of the changes to birthdays on facebook

In the end we love the changes.  Yes it will take some getting used to.  A quote I referenced early this week “Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely” by Karen Kaiser Clark it seems like we all experienced change, I know we grew as a result! 

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Chris Reed
Chris Reed
Chris Reed aka Captain Selfie is a public speaker, marketing and social media marketing consultant. Additionally the Captain founded Sparks a networking event inspired by TED talks. You can learn more at sparkstalk.com and learn more about the Captain at http://captainselfie.com
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  • Great job summing up the changes, Chris!

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  • Pat Blacklock

    Why can’t I find any of my friends I’ve had since 2008? CANNOT EVEN ACCESS MY FAMILY. I AM VERY UPSET WITH THIS! I don’t know any of these people. Will not even recognize people I grew up with! WHAT IS GOING ON?