New Google+ Local Pages are great for Local Businesses!

Google recently set a new goal, to make the social networking site even more social and interactive. According to CNN, Google’s official blog states, “Finding the best places to go is an essential part of our lives, as are the people and resources that help us make those decisions.” For this reason, Google Plus Local became the next improvement for the site. 

In an attempt to reach out to businesses and create more social interaction, Google Plus has incorporated Google Plus Local and retired the old, Google Places. In September, Google bought the social site, Zagat, which is popular for its restaurant reviews. Plus Local is a combination of Zagat and Google+ features, allowing users to look up information about shops and restaurants through the Google Plus Local page including reviews, ratings and what their friends have to say. To use this feature all you have to do is look for the new “Local” tab on the Google Plus page.

google plus local

Google Plus is trying to gain on its competitor, Facebook. At least one blogger is convinced this is an excellent move on Google’s part.  “Google+ will inevitably gain more users that have been reluctant to begin using the social networking platform.” The hope is that not only will Google+ attract new users but current users will visit the site more frequently.

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